Gazette notification of KAAC Election, 2017

    Form 21C & 21C (I) for KAAC Election, 2017

    Regarding pyment of contingent amount to the Presiding Officers

    Guidelines for Counting of Votes for KAAC Election, 2017

    Re-Schedule of Election Dates for KAAC Election, 2017

    Format of Ballot Paper for KAAC Election , 2017

    Collection of Election Materials for KAAC Election, 2017

    Order regarding Star Campaigners for KAAC Election, 2017

    Rate of Refreshment for conduct of KAAC Election, 2016

    Gazette Notification regarding Schedule of Election to KAAC, 2017

    Notification regarding appointed of Returning officer for Karbi anglong Autonomous Council Election, 2017

    W.T. regarding Model code of Conduct for transfer and posting of officials for KAAC Election, 2017

    Instruction of Colour of Ballot Papers etc

    wt message Regarding Printing of Ballot Paper for KAAC Election-2017

    Notification of KAAC Election 2017

    Modified of Form for Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election-2017

    Minutes of Meeting held on 19.04.2017 at Hamren

    Minutes of the review meeting in connection with the KAAC Election-2017

    Preparation of database of Employess/Group Formation of Polling On coming Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election,2017

    Notice as to names of Candidates set-up by the Political Party

    Office Circular of holding Re-Poll/Re-Commencement of adjourned poll and fresh Poll on booth capturing fpor KAAC Election, 2017

    Change of Symbol

    Office Memorandun for KAAC Election, 2017

    WT on arrangement of shortage of Ballot Boxes

    Meeting on 05.04.2017

    Nomination of candidates for Election to Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council(2017)

    Notification Regarding List of Returning officer and authorized officer of Karbi Anglong autonomous Council election-2017

    Notification regarding List of symbols for Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election, 2017

    Notification regarding District Election Officers(DEO) for Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election, 2017

    W.T. dtd. 24.03.2017 regarding for preparation of list of category wise Polling Stations for Karbi anglong Autonomous COuncil, 2017

    Preparation of Electoral Roll for Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election

    Regarding engagement of booth level officer for preparation of electoral Roll for KAAC Election

    Notification dtd. 06.12.2016 regarding publication of Electoral Roll for the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election(KAAC)

    Notification of the last date for receiving claims and objections in Connection with preparation of the electoral Rolls to Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council

    Notification on Additional Authorised Officer for Election to KAAC

    Schedule for Publication of Electoral Roll for Election to Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council.

    Notification of Appointment of returning officers of ensuing Election to the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council

    Minutes of Meeting held on 19.10.2016 on KAAC Election

    Meting on 19.10.2016 regarding Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election


To conduct elections to local bodies entrusted by the Constitution as well as by the State Govt. under statutes in a free and fair manner so that grassroot growth of democratic institution is facilitated & strengthened, promote atmosphere for healthy growth of democratic value in the State

Mission of the State Election Commission is to conduct free, fair & regular election to the urban local bodies and offices under Panchayati Raj Institutions which are constitutional obligation of the State Election Commission. The State Election Commission is also to perform its entrusted responsibility by the State Government in respect of nine (9) other local bodies viz. Autonomous Council. The State Election Commission endeavors to promote healthy democratic value of the grass root level by holding timely, free & fair elections to various local bodies & creating awareness among the electorate for participating in the voting process as dutiful citizen of the country.

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