Public Holiday on 05.12.2018 for the ensuing Panchayat Election

    Declaration of Dry Day for the ensuing Panchayat Election, 2018

    Allotment of Symbols for Panchayat Election 2018

    Documents/Certificates to be submitted during Nomination Paper for ensuing Panchayat Election, 2018

    Number of Star Campaigners be allowed for campaigning during the ensuing Panchayat Election, 2018

    Press Release regarding Norm of Chidren as Qualification for Contesting Candidates for ensuing Panchayat Election,2018

    Affidavit to be furnished by the candidate along with the nomination paper during the ensuing Panchayat Election,2018

    FORM A & B to be submitted by the Political Parties for the ensuing Panchayat Election, 2018

    Notification and Schedule of Panchayat Election, 2018

    Additional free symbols of Panchayat Election,2018

    2nd Affidavit to be sworn in by the candidates for Panchayat Election

    Statement on requirement of Ballot Boxes in districts/sub-division for ensuing Panchayat Election

    Creation of New Zilla Parishads

    Appointment of Authorised Officers to receive nomination and other related works

    Notification on maximum limits of expenditure to be incurred by any candidate.

    Reservation of PRI Seats for SC, ST and Women

    List of Symbols to be used during the ensuing Panchayat Election 2017-18

    Guidelines on Reservation Process for Ensuing Panchayat Election 2017-18

    W.T. Message regarding availability of Ballot Boxes after repair

    Extention of date for publication of Electoral Roll

    Collection of Form of "KA", "KHA" and "GA" for ensuing PAnchayat Election, 2017-18

    Order Regarding Preparation of Eletoral Roll for ensuing Panchayat Election 2017-18

    Preparation of Draft Eletoral Roll for Panchayat Election

    Forms to be supplied from Assam State Election Commission for Panchayat Election 2017-18

    Format for compiling information viz,. population of Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribe etc

    Format for Inspection of Polling Station

    W.T. dtd. 09.08.2016 regarding counting of votes and declaration of Results of the Election.

    Format for Notice of Election for Gaon Panchayat President under Rule 16 (1)

    Format for Notice of Election for Anchalik Panchayat Member under Rule 16 (1)

    Furnishing of statutory report.. DC-Lakhimpur


To conduct elections to local bodies entrusted by the Constitution as well as by the State Govt. under statutes in a free and fair manner so that grassroot growth of democratic institution is facilitated & strengthened, promote atmosphere for healthy growth of democratic value in the State

Mission of the State Election Commission is to conduct free, fair & regular election to the urban local bodies and offices under Panchayati Raj Institutions which are constitutional obligation of the State Election Commission. The State Election Commission is also to perform its entrusted responsibility by the State Government in respect of nine (9) other local bodies viz. Autonomous Council. The State Election Commission endeavors to promote healthy democratic value of the grass root level by holding timely, free & fair elections to various local bodies & creating awareness among the electorate for participating in the voting process as dutiful citizen of the country.

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